Picker's Supply Presents

Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase 
A Monthly Concert Series Featuring Original Acoustic Music

Friday, January 29,  1999, 8 pm

This Month's Songwriter/Performers ...

Carry Colvin
Brian Lillie Lisa Moscatiello Damion Wolfe

Picker's Supply Concert hall 
902 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA (entrance in alley around back) 
Admission $6.00

Call (540) 898-0611 for
About the songwriters
Carry Colvin | Brian Lillie | Lisa Moscatiello | Damion Wolfe

Noted for her unusual arrangements and strong vocals, Carey Colvin writes music with a distinct edge and has been a featured performer in songwriter showcases at The Philadelphia Music Conference and the Takoma Park Folk Festival, just to name a few. She has also performed at President's Park in Washington, DC and, with local favorite Roger Henderson, at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. In June 1997 she was selected to perform on the Cellar Door Stage at Nissan Pavilion for the Pat Benatar/Styx event.

In January 1998, Colvin was presented with the 1997 Wammie Award for Best Folk-Contemporary Female Vocalist at the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) music awards at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. An award winner in the Modern Rock/Alternative category in the 12th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, Colvin was chosen to judge entries in the '96 and '97 contests. She won as a Finalist in the 14th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest in the Rock Category for her song Refugee. In 1998, Colvin was again nominated for a Wammie as Folk-Contemporary Female Vocalist. She showcases her own music along with that of other performing songwriters each month at her Songwriter's Showcase at Luna Park Grille in Arlington, VA. Colvin can also been seen performing in the area with her band, On The Air.

Brian Lillie is a folksinger from Ann Arbor, Michigan who has been playing guitar and writing songs for over half his thirty-one years on the planet. It was the discovery (and subsequent robbery) of his uncle's collection of Dylan records at age 12 that started Brian on the road to being a musician. Since then he has performed in everything from weird rock bands to sufi-inspired dance but his first love has always been simple, heart-felt acoustic music.

The Ann Arbor Observer has described his songs as "intricate, beautiful and gutsy musical poems." Current says: "Moving far from the usual introspective self-absorption of singer/songwriter outings, Lillie--in absolutely astonishing voice--offers a wide-open view of a small world, one we can grasp because of a lack of prejudice and pretension on the songwriters part." "My whole goal with songwriting," Lillie says, "is to come up with stuff that is honest enough that people can hear themselves in it; to take the things all of us go through and attempt to sing about them in a universal, yet painfully personal way. I want the songs to help people look at themselves and those around them with maybe a I little more open heart. For me, that's what folk music is all about."

In 1995 he left his long-time band, the Maitries (weird rock group), to embark on the solo "folk guy' career which had always been his dream. He started a small indie label, Thursday Records, and put out a debut CD, Waking Up in Traffic. The record met with excellent reviews and was named best local release of the year by Agenda. Still, he was not to remain a solo act for long.

In late 1996, he was once again bitten by the "being in a band" bug, so he called up some of his old Maitries pals (Rich Griffith, Brian Smith and Al Smith), added an amazing cello player and some violin, and voila! The Squirrel Mountain Orchestra was born!

Lisa Moscatiello is a versatile, compelling singer whose rich alto voice has been compared to folk legends Sandy Denny and June Tabor. She emerged on the Washington D.C. music scene in 1982 at age 15 as lead singer for the Irish music trio Ceoltoiri. She left the D.C. area in 1984 to attend Yale University, where she sang with a jazz-oriented, experimental a cappella group called Redhot & Blue (other RH&B alums include Marina Belica of October Project, Shannon Anderson of Whirligig, and composer and Prairie Home Companion guest artist Lisa Bielawa).

Most recently, she was lead singer of the folk-rock band The New St. George, with whom she received nineteen Washington Area Music Awards, including three individual awards for Best Female Vocalist in Folk categories. Lisa sings John Martyn Don't You Go with the New St. George on Putumayo's CD A Celtic Collection. Lisa has performed in a number of major festivals and concert series in North America, including the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Toronto's Mariposa Festival, the Black Mountain Festival (North Carolina), the Green Willow Folk Club Concert Series (Wilmington, Delaware), the Philadelphia Folksong Society Concert Series, and the Mays Chapel Concert Series in Baltimore. She is currently touring in support of her 1996 solo album Innocent When You Dream. She is also lead vocalist for Celtic-fusion band Whirligig, and for the techno project Arthur Loves Plastic.


Songwriter/musician/performer Damion Wolfe made his leap to full time musician in the Summer of 1997. His first self titled CD was released in the Fall of '97 which propelled him on a promotional tour of the East Coast.

Wolfe's musical style includes various elements of Pop, hip-hop, Latin funk, folk, classical, country, rock and jazz. This versatility also allows for Wolfe to mold his act to compliment many different occasions.

Wolfe's venue style knows no bounds, ranging from colleges to night clubs, coffee houses to fraternity houses, and festivals to theatres. He has shared the stage with artists such as Peter Himmelman, Jack 0 Pierce, Cracker, Edwin McCain, Pat McGhee, Southern Culture On The Skids as well as many others.

Currently, Wolfe is actively touring and working on his second album.

Carry Colvin | Brian Lillie | Lisa Moscatiello | Damion Wolfe

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