Picker's Supply Presents

Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase 
A Monthly Concert Series Featuring Original Acoustic Music

Friday, February 27, 1998, 8 pm

This Month's Songwriters ...

Chris Alastair Doug Brouder david bailey and Douglas Ebert Janet Saadian

Picker's Supply Concert hall 
902 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA (entrance in alley around back) 
Admission $5.00

Born in Libya and burned out at Oxford, Chris Alastair brings a worldly wit to the stage. A  first-prize winner in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, WAMA nominee for best male vocalist, and proud papa of a prize-winning video, Chris recently relocated to NYC, where he is plundering thrift stores and recording a follow up to his debut CD "Ghost in Love."

Doug Brouder, originally from Connecticut, now lives in Fairfax.  His songs offer snapshots of family life, work and the changing rural lifestyle.  His belief that universal themes can best be expressed through personal, detailed stories is evident in the varied subjects of his songs.  Doug has performed in rock and roll, bluegrass, and "oldies bands," in musical theater, in a duo and a trio, but has finally come to his senses and mostly performs solo now.

 In 1997, david bailey and Douglas Ebert shook hands and rubbed elbows with some of folk music's best-loved and brightest stars -- Bob Franke, Susan Werner, David Wilcox, Livingston Taylor, Tom Prasada Rao, Jimmy Landry, and John Smith, as well as more than 100 times in 22 states and recorded three albums of original songs for a growing number of fans across America.

bailey, raised in Lebanon, brings emotional, nylon-stringed finger-picking magic to those songs and sings lead in a gentle and passionate voice.  Ebert, who grew up stateside, paints each song from a rainbow of steel-stringed stylings and lends soaring vocal harmonies.

Individually, they are musicians from across the world.  Corporately, they are songwriters named Not by Chance whose strong blend of musical styles one artist called a "two man wall of sound," and whose lyrics a noted journalist said are "the stuff that leaders are made of ... two young men [who] lead us on pathways that take us back to our own integrity."

Strong words.  Strong music.  Strength in numbers along a journey they believe is Not by Chance.

Inspired by a diverse group of talented singer-songwriters, Janet Saadian's musical artistry is a woven tapestry of eclectic melodies,  straight-forward lyrics and intricate harmonies.  Listening to Janet at a live performance or on her upcoming CD is like sitting by a bon fire playing pass-the-guitar with Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams and Gillian Welch.  A native of Washington, Saadian performs at many of the area's cultural festivals and intimate local venues.

Next Month

The Saturday (night change for March only), March 28 shwocase will present Mary Flower and Catfish Hodge.  This is a once in a lifetime show for Fredericksburg. 

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