Picker's Supply Presents

Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase 
A Monthly Concert Series Featuring Original Acoustic Music

Friday, January 30, 1998, 8 pm

This Month's Songwriters ...

Vyktoria Pratt 
Jim Heald Susan Graham White Marc Carraway

Picker's Supply Concert hall 
902 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA (entrance in alley around back) 
Admission $5.00

When Vyktoria Pratt Keating clears her conscience, be prepared for some soul searching you won't soon forget.  When you hear her new CD, you won't forget her music either.  Garnering comparisons to such diverse artists as Kate Bush, XTC, Dueter, and "Nanc' Griffith meets 'Lost in Space,"' (Vyktoria freely admits her future goal is to be a lounge singer on a UFO), Vyktoria Pratt Keating is solidly planted in a musical garden all her own.

A sensitive and compassionate musical alchemist, Vyktoria understands how to merge fact and fantasy into her lyrics.  She is driven to explore the deepest secrets within society and within herself, transforming and putting away past memories by sharing her experiences and visions in a uniquelv creative way.

The songs on her new CD This Guardian at Noon are rich with odd time signatures and syncopation, while still weaving a highly atmospheric and ambient spell.  Exotic instruments and lush vocals combine in a worldy, and sometimes otherworldy fashion, to create poems within poems, and songs within songs.

With her whimsical stage presence, ethereal vocals and guitar symphonies, Vyktoria's live performance is a transformative journey of the soul.  Covering subjects ranging from St. Germain, UFC)'s and entrainment (from her new CD), to Native Americans, the rain forest, and Sylvia Plath (from her first CD Blue Apples ), Vyktoria's songs combine lyrics and sound to convey the universal, magical and hopeful.

"Jim Heald is a modern day balladeer.  All his songs tell a story and have more to say than most people can comprehend in one sitting." (Keith Ayres-TEXAS BEAT) From Chicago, through Austin, and finally in Washington, DC he has played as a solo act and with others.  He's twice been a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition

Two forces drive Susan Graham White, music and horses.  Susan, a registered dressage judge who trains and shows dressage horses, lives on a 25-acre farm in Southern Maryland that provides the nurturing setting for Susan to write her distinctive style of contemporary acoustic music which has been steadily gaining recognition and popularity.

Between 1989 and 1991, Susan won nine awards in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest including the overall Grand Prize in 1991 for "No Easy Way Out".  Since then her songs have taken top honors in the first Chris Austin Song Contest at the Merle Watson Memorial Festival in North Carolina and she was invited to participate in the "New Folk" contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.  In 1993, Susan was named Songwriter of the Year by the Washington Area Music Association.  Most recently, she took two first place prizes in the Austin Songwriters Group Song Competition and won the Grand Prize in the Tin Pan South '95, "It All Begins With a Song" contest sponsored by the Nashville Songwriter's Association.

"RESCUE", Susan's first solo recording showcases her rich voice, insightful lyrics and dynariic artistry on acoustic guitar and keyboard.  The songs on this album are a testimony to her finely-honed songwriting skills.  Ranging from the country-pop of "We Still Listen to the Radio " to the gently sorrowful reflections of "Facing the Wall", Susan treats the listener to music filled with emotion, wisdom and a deep sense of caring.  Noted singer/songwriter, Christine Lavin selected "RESCUE" as her choice for " Best Independent Release" in 1992.

"Not Afraid to Fly" (previously released as "Show A Little Heart'), Susan's second solo release, demonstrates her continuing growth as writer, producer and vocalist.  The upbeat "New Country" sound of the award-winning "Train Wreck" shows her ability to tap into the more commercial sound of country music while songs like "Do" to the River" and "Love Runs Slow" illustrate Susan's continued commitment to introspective, thoughtful lyrics.

As a soloist or performing with any of the gifted musicians who have added their special sound to her recordings, Susan Graham White's warm presence and direct, honest approach gain the respect and admiration of music lovers wherever she is heard, turning audiences into loyal fans.

Marc Carraway has performed from New  York to Panama and has shared the stage with the likes of Tom Paxton, Tony Rice, and Christine Lavin.  His music draws from blues, jazz, folk, and bluegrass.  His musical arsenal includes guitar, mandolin, and banjo.  Mark's album Slow Down the River was acclaimed by the music press and received national airplay on acoustic radio programs.  His CD Time Over Distance has outstanding songwriting and smooth vocals.  This is his fourth appearance at the Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase.

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