Internet and Web Essentials: What You Need to Know

Ernest Ackermann & Karen Hartman

ISBN 1-887902-40-6

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  1. Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web
  2. How the Internet Works and Getting Connected
  3. Communication on the Internet
  4. Electronic Mail
  5. Email Discussion Groups
  6. Usenet News
  7. Getting Around on the World Wide Web—Using a Web Browser
  8. Finding Information on the World Wide Web
  9. Successful Search Strategies
  10. Specialized Databases
  11. Selecting, Evaluating, and Citing Information from the Internet
  12. Managing and Using Information from the Internet and the World Wide Web
  13. Transferring Files Using FTP
  14. Putting Information on the Web
  15. Writing Web Pages
  16. Enhancing Web Pages


Like Ackermann’s best-selling Learning to Use the World Wide Web and Internet Today!, co-authored by Karen Hartman, this latest effort covers the basic topics you need to know to master the ever-changing Internet. Furthermore, this book expands on vital topics such as searching and researching strategies and Web-page design issues that all students want to learn. With exercise examples shown for both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers, this text can be used in any lab environment.