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Administrative address

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About the discussion group

Net-Essentials-L is an email discussion group. It's purpose if to provide a forum for discussions related to the topics, exercises and projects in the textbooks by Ackermann & Hartman. It is also used for practice in learning how to join, leave, and work with a discussion group. Most of the people whose email addresses are in the subscribers list are or have been students in introductory Internet courses.

The group is not moderated. Most of the administration is handled by software named Listproc. Because it is managed by software you need to be precise in the commands you send to the administrative address. Commands that are not exactly as given below and ones that contain non-text characters or HTML will not be understood by the software. The software treats these as errors. Ernest Ackermann gets involved in the administration of the group if human intervention is necessary.

To join the list

Send email to

The body of the message must be in text or ASCII format only and contain

subscribe Net-Essentials-L your-full-name

For example:

subscribe Net-Essentials-L Chris Athana

To leave or unsubscribe from the list

Send email to

The body of the message must be in text or ASCII format only and contain

unsubscribe Net-Essentials-L

Do not usethe words unsubsribe or test in the subject, that causes the message to be rejected.

More information about using email discussion groups

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