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Frank Dieter

Fredericksburg, VA songwriter, Frank Dieter, recently received the honor of being named Finalist by the Song of the Year ( songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including Grammy Award winners.

Song on the Year is excited to recognize Frank for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song “My Parents Hands”. Frank competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song, Frank commented that “I wanted to memorialize my deceased parents in song and used the family heirlooms that I have come to possess from their departure as the vehicle. To me, these pieces of furniture are made of more than wood and steel. I can still feel the presence of my parents and grandparents and that helps me cope with their having crossed over. In the song I speak of the influence my parents had on me and how this is being passed on to my children. I’m pleased that the judges felt the song has universal appeal.” The song can be heard on’s website at

While being full time administrator for Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg, in his spare time Frank is concentrating on his songwriting career and hopes to get a recording or publishing deal. He performs occasionally in Fredericksburg’s coffeehouses and book stores.

You can find out more about Frank Dieter and his music by visiting his website or reading his profile posted at

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