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phyllis tannerfrye

phyllis tannerfrye is south carolina's lowcountry songster, the old and new carolina songwriter on the road to you. ..... with a head full of dylan in the early seventies, she left the baptist church for rock n roll, then left rock n roll in the mid eighties to raise her daughter the way she oughta..... she turned into a song magician on a mission, her inspiration burst, and she landed on the highway in 2001. . . . . it's been a long and lonely trail, cold and beautiful. ... thank you all.

".. down the road we wander, down the open road, lookin for an open door ..." (ptf '03) these 'mysterious and beautiful works of art' are rooted in gospel and rock n roll.

"... Phyllis Tannerfrye is riveting and visionary..." - Annie Gallup, Beat Poet Songwriter Artist

"Many of us know how difficult it is to write a song, even more to deliver the message effectively. Phyllis is blessed with the gift of an expressive delivery that enhances the tapestry she weaves with words." -Charlie Tucker, FLAT ROCK FESTIVALS, Hendersonville, NC

NEWS: Phyllis is a Finalist in the 2007 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS, Country Category You Can Vote!

Selected to perform Main Stage SOUTH FLORIDA FOLK FESTIVAL Jan 2006

Official Showcase SOUTHWEST FOLK ALLIANCE CONFERENCE, Austin Texas, Oct 2004

Official Showcase 9th MILLENIUM MUSIC CONFERENCE Harrisburg PA June 2005

Official Showcase MIDATLANTIC MUSIC CONFERENCE Charlotte NC October 2005

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