Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Sons of the Never Wrong

It has been said Sons of the Never Wrong are the future of folk music. This kind of music does and shall continue to get listened to as long as there are groups willing to try once more to sing it just a little differently this time around. Sons are as good as it gets when it comes to a different view of 3 part harmonies soaring on top of witty, whimsical songs that spring from a tradition you swear you've heard, but just don't know where or when... Sons is a trio made up of Bruce Roper (vocals, guitar), Sue Demel (vocals, percussion), and Deborah Lader (vocals, mandolin, banjo): 3 kind of mixed up adults of perfect parents of a by-gone era, just crazy enough to think they can break new ground (and in fact have), singing, (& dancing) for their future. (Website:

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Consequence of Speech | 4 Ever on | One If by Hand | Three Good Reasons

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