Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Danny Schmidt

In a burgeoning Charlottesville, VA songwriting scene that seems on the verge of bursting at the seams, Danny Schmidt may very well be the defining and sentinel voice. His music has drawn comparisons of all sorts -- from Dylan to Richard Thompson to Neil Young to Greg Brown to Pierre Bensusan to Bruce Springsteen -- even to the Dali Lama once, and an old growth forest. He's been tabbed "a lyrical genius with an almost magical inventiveness" by the Cville Weekly. And of his musicianship, his guitar playing has been described as "nothing short of astounding, incredibly acute and sensitive" by Inside Indie Music. Stylistically, he brings deep woods country-blues roots and sensibilities together with a pathos of old school folk social commentary -- but focuses them on contemporary issues of modern love, isolation and fragmentation, globalization without global consciousness, and just plain "how do you get by in this world today?"

Want to find out more about Danny and order his CD's? Check out Danny Schmidt's home page.
His CD Enjoying the Fall is available at

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