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Sandy Ross is a veteran Contemporary Folk and Acoustic Blues coffee house performer of the late 1960s, a Peter Yarrow new writer pick of the mid-'70s, and a Fast Folk Magazine artist of the '80s/'90s. She has worked with over a dozen major song publishing firms; her song Do You Think of Me? was recorded by Anne Murray ('79) and still receives airplay, internationally. Her previous CD, Portraits of Innocence, released in 1995, remained in rotation on over 150 /radio stations across the US, the CBC-Network throughout Canada, the BBC in Essex England and Northern Ireland, the ATL in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, and 4DDB, PBS-FM, and 100.3 Bay FM in Australia for 21/2 years. Her new CD, Coloring Outside the Lines, was released August 1998, with a CD Release Party at B.B. King's on the Universal City Walk as a kickoff, and promises to be every bit as successful. It made the FOLKDJ-L Top Fifty (at 22) in September and has to date received great reviews in Sing Out!, Victory Review, and several online music magazines. In the past four years Sandy has toured the US three times doing the coffee house/book store/folk and acoustic radio show circuit through 40 states. As for her work and her style, Sandy's roots are ingrained in the Blues. Even her social commentary and political songs tend toward the bluer side of life as she paints pictures of characters in their settings, while telling their stories, without judgement. Her great love for people and humanity reaches through every song and every performance.

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