Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Darryl Purpose

Darryl Purpose is good at what he does. He was once recognized as the world's top blackjack player. As a peace marcher, he crossed the U.S. over nine months, then continued on to

Russia for a historic walk across the Russian heartland, which culminated in the first-ever, outdoor stadium rock concert in the former Soviet Union, featuring bonnie Raitt, Santana, James Taylor, and Darryl's band, Collective Vision.

In 1996, he returned to music full time and released his first CD. Right Side of Zero  spent a few months on Gavins Americana chars and the title track was used in the feature film Deadly Bet.

In his first few years of touring solo, Darryl has earned a lot of attention. In September '97, he won first place in the Sisters (OR) Folk Festival Songwriter Contest and he was invited to be a judge at Sisters in 1998. He also judged the Napa Valley Songwriter Showcase in 1997 after winning that event in 1996. He released his second CD Same River Twice  in November of 1997 to great reviews. In January 1998, he won the National Songwriting Competition in Florida with his ballad Mr Schwinn. Later that year, he took first place in the Rose Garden Coffeehouse songwriter competition.

Now Darryl introduces his third CD Traveler's Code  which includes the beautiful and tender wedding song Ring on My Hand  in a duet with Lucy Kaplansky, the tentative estranged-father story Child of Hearts  with help from Ellis Paul, and other songs of love and adventure and heartache.

Darryl is making his mark in the folk music world with his distinctive baritone voice, a smoothly proficient fingerstyle guitar technique which has earned him and endorsement with Taylor Guitars, a sense of drama and storytelling in his lyrics and music, and a charismatic performance that captures coffeehouse and theater audiences alike. He is a storyteller, both in words and song, and his concerts have a Gurthrie-like effect on people. Darryl is popular with radio and television hosts, having an interview style and a huge supply of interesting stories from his activities as a peace activist, professional gambler and modern troubadour.

"As far as I know," he smiles, "I am the world's only singer-songwriter/professional blackjack player."

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