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Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Dave Potts

A singer/songwriter with a gift for melody and a poet's eye for detail, Dave Potts crafts contemporary folk songs with shades of country and Americana, infused with Southern charm. Raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, he spent several years living out of the back of his dusty red pickup, typically logging over 50,000 miles a year honing his skills as musician and performer in coffee houses and college bars from coast-to-coast. In 1996, Dave stumbled across the picturesque town of Auburn, Alabama and quickly realized he had found his home. Since settling in Auburn, Dave's songs have shed light on the endearing characters and small towns of the South; a sincere style that has earned him countless awards and accolades.

It is the combination of his music and humorous, poker-faced stage presence, however, that defines Dave as an artist. His engaging live shows have established him in the house concert and listening room venues of the modern folk scene where he continues to develop a loyal following throughout the country. Dave Potts is, he deadpans, a seriously funny guy.

Whether reflecting the world through the eyes of a career minor league ballplayer or the spouse of a soldier overseas, Dave brings his stories to life with what Dirty Linen Magazine calls "lines that will tug at even the most jaded heart." His hometown newspaper, The OA News, agrees, noting that, "Potts is at the top of his game when singing about the mundane splendor of small-town life-those stolen moments we so often overlook."

Prominent Internet retailer CD Baby made Dave Potts' latest CD ,$12.99, an Editor's Pick and featured disc of the month upon its release. Their review raves, "His influences aren't surprising (David Wilcox, James Taylor, John Denver) but there is a definite reach beyond genre here, even while his music fits comfortably both within folk and country. That reach is one of unhindered, inspired musicality embodied within music that feels like it was always yearning to be written."

While you are likely to find Dave traveling the interstates of the country in the middle of the night, on his way to the next venue, you may also find him cruising the streets of Auburn in a green mini-van with 2 adorable kids in the back, and his wife, Lara, by his side. Dave was married to the girl of his dreams just 2 short years after moving to Alabama. While Dave’s songs are often character sketches, straight out of black and white movies, many of his love songs and stories of families and faith, prove to be true.

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