Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Zoe Mulford

A guitar-toting folk poet with influences from Malvina Reynolds to Steven Sondheim, Zoe Mulford tackles the big eternal themes – love, death, food, laundry, etc. – with an honesty that charms diverse audiences. The quality of her songwriting has won recognition from the North Carolina Songwriters' Co-Op and the Songwriters' Association of Washington. She grew up near Philadelphia, mostly backstage at the local community theater, where she wrote songs for the resident children's theater troupe. She took up the guitar during an 11-year sojourn in North Carolina, where she found a rich community of informal and folk musicians. Her eclectic studies have included Old-Time string-band music, clawhammer banjo, and acoustic blues, as well as poetry in English, French, and Chinese. A recent arrival in the DC area, she has played at Washington Art-O-Matic, the Focus Inn Concert Series (as part of the “Funniest Songs We Know” shows) and the Takoma Park Folk Festival. She has shared the stage with Steve Key, Folk Nouveau, Bill Parsons, Dan Hart, and Sue Trainor, and has had her work performed by the Hexagon satirical musical review. Now a resident of Greenbelt, MD, she hosts the Songwriters' Association of Washington open mic at the New Deal Cafe. She has just released a new CD, “Traveling Moon.” Her website is

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