Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase MSG


MSG Acoustic Blues Trio

Jackie Merritt, on harmonica from Hampton, VA., is an accomplished musician and visual artist. She performs in several bands: M.S.G.-the Acoustic Blues Trio (harmonica, vocals, guitar & bones); Blues Xchange (bass & vocals) and The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation Band (harmonica & bones). Jackie was Phil Wiggins' harmonica teaching assistant for three years at Augusta Heritage Center "Blues Week" in Elkins, WV.

Miles Spicer demonstrates the distinctive technique of the Piedmont style in his playing (alternating thumb and finger-picking). He's from Riverdale, MD. Miles is currently the treasurer of the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation. In addition to M.S.G., he also plays with the Riverdale Ramblers Cajun Band, and the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation Band.

Resa Gibbs, the primary vocalist and percussionist is from Hampton, VA. She is known for her silky, soulful and heartfelt sound. Resa sang background vocals on Gaye Adegbalola's Bitter Sweet Blues CD, produced by Rory Block and recorded by Alligator Records. She was for two years the lead vocalist with the Fever Blues Band and has been a featured artist with the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation for many years.

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