Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Clay Mottley

There are no absolutes in the music business. No formulas for success. All an artist can do is work, persevere, hope and keep making music. There are, however, absolutes in art. When art is good, it's good. And sometimes the rest of the world notices. The world is taking notice of Clay Mottley. The Fredericksburg Songwriter's Showcase called Clay "the most vital, exciting, young talent we've seen in a long time." And that's because he is a great singer, songwriter, player, interpreter and entertainer who knows how to put a band together that can crystallize every facet of his broad musical personality.

The comparisons range from James Taylor to Dave Matthews to Dan Fogelberg, and the elements of these artists have been absorbed, distilled and incorporated into Clay's sound. Loud, soft, percussive, funky, edgy, mellow, rockin'. It's diverse, intelligent and you can dance to it. From his performance from Washington, D.C. to North Carolina to his pit musician work in musical theater, Clay comes to the music biz trenches armed with formidable musicals tools. Hailed by the Front Porch News for his "sophisticated chord structures and rich harmonic base" and the Mary Washington College Bullet for his "unbridled energy and danceability." Clay can get the left-brainers thinking and the right-brainers dancing.

Clay is continually gathering a solid east-coast fan base and selling approaching 1500 copies of his two self-released and self-produced albums, 1999's "Stormy Words," and this years "Can't Be Wrong," both of which have garnered great reviews and a CRITIC'S CHOICE from Billboard Magazine. The accolades will accumulate. The venues will get more exclusive. And Clay Mottley will continue to work, grow, persevere, hope and make music. Music that is good art. And that's an absolute.

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