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Kat Mills Kat Mills is a radiant, class-act professional showcasing the raw energy of a single voice and acoustic guitar. A powerful range, vintage Martin, and inspiring soulful material combine to produce a clean honest sound that leaves audiences wanting more. Reminiscent of another time, commenting on today, Kat is currently based out of Blacksburg, VA and tours throughout the east and beyond.

“Music that feels more like an intuition than an actual product, Kat Mills has found a way to go beyond what we think we hear or feel…intangible.” –Independent Songwriter Magazine

Born and raised in Metro D.C., by age 15 Kat had convinced her father to give her his ’68 Martin and began writing songs. She moved to the Hudson Valley of New York for college, and ended up staying in the area ten years. There she nurtured a loyal Northeast following—first with popular bluegrass band, GRASS, and then with the bare and moving solo show she is known for. She released two CDs of original music under the wing of Scott Petito (Grammy-nominated producer/engineer for Livingston Taylor, Mercury Rev, Rory Block), including guest musicians Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh) and Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls). Kat has made multiple appearances at the Clearwater Revival Festival (NY), FloydFest (VA) and Takoma Park Folk Fest (DC), and has shared stages with the likes of Pete Seeger, Matt Flinner, Grace Potter and Tom Pacheco.

Kat’s third full-length CD, “Townie”, has just been released, and highlights the new life she has found since moving back to Virginia. The disc was recorded with Charlottesville studio regulars Stuart Gunter and Mark Goldstein, with a more laid-back, live approach that feels like you are in the room. Kat is embraced by many communities as a “local favorite”. Discover more at

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