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Todd Miller

Since 1994, Todd Miller has been playing music professionally with the Minneapolis- based band Echelon. After five albums and four years of full-time touring, Todd, his wife, Jennifer and son, Sean, have moved away from the harsh, Midwestern winters and back to the east coast to be closer to family. For Todd, this also means a renewed focus on the acoustic roots with which he grew up. "There was always music in the house. Whether it was my Mom at the piano with the Lutheran Book of Worship, or my Dad listening to Jim Croce and James Taylor, musically, it was a great environment to grow up in." Playing coffeehouses, colleges, churches, youth events and living rooms in 42 states and internationally, Miller's music engages his audience with warmth, humor and respect. His easy, acoustic style and familiar themes of life and death, love and geography will draw the listener into a sense of "[being] more than just what we do or say. We are all created to be more than just nine to five or our associations or possessions. There's more out there- a greater purpose." Miller's faith is another theme that weaves itself through his music. "I'm not out to throw anything in anyone's face, but people have an inherent need to know that they are loved and accepted simply because of who they are. I need that, too. In spite of what we try to show on the outside, that need is what, deep down, makes us all the same."

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