Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Sonya Lorelle

Sonya Lorelle

Sonya Lorelle is a young woman with a big voice and a lot of soul. Her voice is an instrument unto itself. It is Beautiful, Enchanting, a Song of a Siren. When she opens her golden throat, crowds hush in amazement.

Sonya matches this gift with extraordinary songwriting. She writes bluesy sophisticated tunes. Aided by her counseling background, she is able to take complex emotions and express them simply. Her clever and touching lyrics resonate deep within the listener. From "Kiss Me Tonight" to "I Deserve Better," Sonya writes the things that everyone secretly wishes they could say.

Sonya soulfully delivers her songs with a piano driven bluesy folk style, described to be in the vein of Norah Jones, Fiona Apple and Carole King. After the release of her CD, "Independent Woman," Sonya has continued to tour throughout the country and abroad to some of the best listening venues. She released her first CD, “Independent Woman,” in 2003.

Most recently she was selected to perform in the South Florida Folk Festival in Ft Lauderdale in January 2005. Other accomplishments include being chosen as a showcasing artist for the 2005 Annual Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Music Festival & Conference and the 2003 Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference, at which her song “Independent Woman" was chosen for the compilation CD. She has received many awards throughout the years including 2nd place in Enormous Records Songwriting Contest in 1999, an Honor Award in the 2002 Great American Songwriting Contest, and was a finalist in the 2004 Philadelphia Songwriter's Project Road Song Contest and the 2005 Plowshares Songwriting Contest.

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