Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Elsie Law

INTERVIEWER: Okay, let’s get started. Tell me, who is Elsie Law?

ELSIE LAW: So many things. But as an artist, I’m the Rap Starlet- Shouting What Most Are Scared To Say.

I: “Shouting What Most Are Scared To Say.” That’s kind of gangsta. Where are you from?

EL: Brooklyn.

I: Okay, that explains the swagger. How would you describe your music?

EL: I would describe my music as being reality based and observational. I’ve had a few music executives call me the female Nas. I write a lot of my songs based on societal issues that I feel people should talk about, or be aware of. I also use a lot of humor and wit. I feel that people really relate to what I’m saying.

I: You’re definitely lyrical and skilled. How long have you been rapping?

EL: Thanks. I’ve been rapping forever. I literally raised myself on it. When I first learned to read and write, I used to sit by a tape deck and transcribe lyrics all day. That was all that I wanted to do. I didn’t even want to go outside and play with other kids. My mother probably still has those scrap books somewhere.

I: Wow. It goes that deep for you, huh? If you don't mind me asking, I know women don’t like to tell, but how old are you?

EL: You’re right, I was always taught that ladies don’t discuss numbers. That includes: age, size, how much money you make, and how much you paid for something.

I: (Laughs). I hear you. But I’m looking at you and I can tell you’re still a baby. Who is your favorite artist?

EL: Tupac.

I: Why is Tupac your favorite artist?

EL: I have a great appreciation for how he explained his experience of living in this world. He told his story with great depth and fearless honesty, which to me is the epitome of an artist.

I: Have you been influenced by any other artists?

EL: Definitely. Lots. One that comes to mind is Ray Charles. After seeing Jaime Foxx’s movie, I fell in love with Ray Charles’s music. He writes songs like a rapper. Or, I should say rappers write their songs like him.

I: Right. He’s the originator. Okay last question. How do you feel about the music industry as it exists today?

EL: I feel a lot of mixed emotions. I love the way it’s expanding, and the way a lot of artists are putting their business game down. However, I’m disappointed with the whole crabs-in-a-barrel syndrome that seems to be going on. It bothers me that some artists and executives think that in order to do well there has to be dissension and conflict. I just don't believe that’s true.

I: Is there anything else that you want to say?

EL: Yes. I want to say thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me and praying for me. Everybody who’s buying my CDs, and showing me love. It means a lot to me.

I: Alright. It’s been a pleasure.

EL: Thank You.


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