Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Laurie Rose Griffith and Peter Mealy

The wife and husband duo of Laurie Rose Griffith & Peter Mealy have been performing together since 1995. They have been nominated for Virginia's Governor's Award for Artistic Achievement, and their first CD, Tocoi Light, was voted Best Debut Album of The Year by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). Tocoi Light has been hailed by the Washington Post for the duo's “lovely voices, deft guitar work, and fine songs.” Their new CD, Something Good, has been receiving very positive response from venues, media, and audience.

Laurie is a compelling singer and gifted interpreter whose rich soprano draws every nuance and emotion from a lyric. She was voted Best Singer of 2005 in Fredericksburg VA’s annual Front Porch readers poll, and World Folk Music Association’s Dick Cerri, says, "Laurie has the ability to get right to the heart of a song.... It's easy to fall in love when you hear her sing." While steeped in the tradition of great interpreters like Judy Collins and Joan Baez, she can deliver a blues or country rocker with authority, or finesse a jazz standard with style and intensity. She has been instrumental in bringing to the stage great songs written by songwriters who otherwise would have remained in obscurity. As a guitarist, she is a strong, versatile player with an impeccable sense of rhythm and groove.

Peter has been hailed for his "superlative compositional and technical skills” (Northern Virginia Rhythm), and has been nominated for Contemporary Folk Instrumentalist of the Year by the Washington Area Music Association. He’s been a first place winner in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, and his songs brought the duo to the finals in the Kerrville Folk Festival’s national song competition. He is the author of Melodic Fingerstyle Guitar, a collection of solo guitar arrangements, and has contributed columns and features to a variety of publications, including Bluegrass Unlimited, Acoustic Musician and the Freelance Star.

Since releasing their first CD, Laurie and Peter have traveled through twenty countries in the developing world. Laurie’s extensive international background and passion for travel have taken them through Asia, Africa and South America, and a broad worldview is evident throughout their music, both in song choices and original compositions.

Laurie and Peter’s music is the result of two established artists versed in many styles and traditions combining complimentary talents, skills, and personalities. Whether they are drawing from their large body of original work, singing a Jazz ballad, or spinning out an Irish jig, they use their formidable musical skills simply to give an audience a complete, memorable musical experience.

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