Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Josh Lamkin
People are noticing Josh Lamkin. In fact, Josh recently won the prestigious 2001 Wildflower Festival Performing Songwriter Competition in Dallas, Texas--one of only three winners chosen from hundreds of the best artists from the USA and Canada. Josh was also recently chosen as an Official Showcase Artist at the 2001 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance, one of the nation's top music industry conferences. And as if that weren't enough, Performing Songwriter magazine just issued a glowing review of Lamkin's February 2001 release Good Again, touting boldly that "there are few who could outwrite him." Part of the excitement that is beginning to surround Josh Lamkin has to do with the fact that he has begun to emerge so quickly from anonymity. With his graceful, insanely original songwriting style and a side-splitting stage banter, Lamkin is earning himself a reputation as a shining light among an already brilliant cast of singer/songwriters on the scene today. One review of Josh's live performance said: "Lamkin really wants to tell the audience what's up in this wacky world without diving into the murky waters of pretension. He is able to articulate the mundane into something comedic and (at times) tragic. It's not often that a solo act can enrapture my senses for two hours. Catch this one if possible." Growing up in the suburban battlefields of Columbia, SC, the middle kid in a family of eight, Josh first discovered his love for the stage in--of all places--the classroom. "I was always getting in trouble for doing something completely nuts, always trying to make someone laugh, always in and out of detention. Drove my parents crazy," he recalls. But in college Josh blossomed. It was at a small liberal arts college called Presbyterian College that he first started learning guitar and began to hone his talent for writing. He spent almost all of his waking hours consumed by his passion for writing and music. During that time Josh had poems published in national literary magazines such as The Lincoln Review, and helped open the college's first coffeehouse, where he was a mainstay, hosting the open mic, booking and promoting concerts, and sometimes sleeping. After graduating and wandering Europe, Africa, and the US for a couple of years, Josh settled in Asheville, NC, where the rest, as they say.... Josh's much anticipated debut album, Good Again, was released in February 2001 to rave media reviews. His song "Kerouac's Advice" was selected to appear on the 1999 UNCA Music Biz compilation album, which sold out at its release show. He has appeared with such luminaries as Tom Prasada-Rao, Chris Rosser, David LaMotte, Christine Kane, Pierce Pettis, and Richard Shindell.

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