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Kym Tuvim

With a voice that "will pull you in the instant you hear it" (Charles R. Cross) and songwriting that is "intelligent, articulate... and introspective" (, Kym Tuvim has quietly, but steadily built a national following playing in listening rooms, living rooms, and festivals across the country.

As a songwriter, she's taken the long way around, earning a BFA studying Jazz piano and composition from Cornish College in Seattle. And before that, suffering through strict classical piano lessons as a young girl, all the while teaching herself how to play guitar in not so quiet rebellion. When all was said and done, though, it was the songwriters that held sway, from Paul Simon and Rickie Lee Jones to Lyle Lovett and Joni Mitchell.

After graduating college, she took to honing her craft in local Seattle venues. When she released her 1996 demo 'When Allegra', the lo-fi cassette won raves and support from regional and national folk radio and press, as well as earning her a spot at the 1996 Napa Music Festival's Emerging Songwriter's Contest. In 1998, she released her self-titled debut, subsequently selected as a "Top 12 DIY" release by The Performing Songwriter Magazine and featured on their 6th CD compilation. Five years later, after a two-year hiatus following the loss of her Mom, she returned with 'On The Mend' (2003), critically praised and a Top 5 Pick of 2003 from Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Since then, additional songwriting honors have included: The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Emerging Songwriter Finalist, 2005 & ?Most Wanted? Preview Tour with Chris Pureka, Jim Infantino and Jason Spooner, May of 2006), Song of the Year (Finalist, 2004), West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest ( 2nd Place, 2004), and The Plowshares Songwriting Contest (Finalist, 2003).

Now, finishing up her third album, due this Spring, all the influences are coming together. Genre-blending between folk, pop, jazz and blues, the forthcoming record reveals a seasoned musician and songwriter at home in her music and voice - truthful, smart and emotionally vulnerable as ever.


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