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Kristin is a fast rising singer/songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. She blends smart, acoustic rhythms with poetic lyrics into her own brand of folk/rock. Kristin's well-crafted compositions and unique voice truly set her apart from other artists her age. She picked up the guitar at age 14 and released her first full-length CD "Falling In Line" at 17. In less than a year, she followed up her freshman effort with a three-song EP titled "Odyssey" which is still winning praise from some of the industries acclaimed artists and promoters. "Odyssey" features some of Richmond's best musicians, including members of the Pat McGee Band: Brian Fechino, Chris Williams, and Chardy McEwin; Regan, Kyle Davis, producer Red Redling (New Potato Caboose), and recording engineer John Morand at Sound of Music Studios. Along with writing and recording her own music, Kristin has also co-written the music for the all original children's play "The Frog Prince Unraveled" with her long-time guitar teacher and producer Red Redling. The play debuted in early June 2003. Kristin has shared the stage with Ember Swift, CommonbonD, Laura Blackley Band, Daniel Lee, Zoe Lewis, Trina Hamlin, Bitch (of Bitch and Animal), Regan, and other diverse artists. After spending a year studying Music Business at Radford University, Kristin is now attending Virginia Commonwealth University full-time working on her music degree in classical guitar performance. Her third CD release, titled "Know Me", was recorded with the help of Mary Beth de Pompa and Ashley Miller of CommonbonD. Only 21 years of age, Kristin is building a solid foundation in the music world, and shows great promise for the future.

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