Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Guthrie Kennard
Guthrie Kennard

Guthrie Kennard is one bad ass song writer and this is no mediocre compliment. This man can write a song that is as true as an angel on the witness stand. His songs are intense and none on this album are run of the mill. His gravely vocal performances deliver the songs with such realness that it is hard not to hang on every word. This album is forceful and has a realness very few recordings ever achieve. A winning project. - Five Star Rating, Roots Music Report

Ray Wylie Hubbard produced this debut from his long time bass player and it's easy to hear why Hubbard was impressed with the songs he heard. Mid tempo melodic tunes, intelligent lyrics and a touch of Texas Hill country blues make this disc a companion piece to Ray Wylie's excellent "Delirium Tremolos" release. I've listened to this disc several times through and it unfolds nicely and grows more essential every time. Kennard's vocals split the difference between Ray Wylie and Bob Dylan and his song writing evokes both in a positive way. Highlights include the John Hurt -style country blues "Hummingbird" and dylanesque "Totterdown". - Michael Meehan, Four Star Review

As a longtime bassist for Ray Wylie Hubbard, Guthrie Kennard has spent a good while compiling songs and absorbing influences. Ranch Road 12 is the culmination of years spent on the road and at guitar shows. Recorded in Dripping Springs, Texas, the disc is drenched in the kind of grit and sweat that remain a hallmark of the Austin-area country/folk scene. With a voice that recalls Bob Dylan and Keith Richards, Kennard spins his tales of rural disaffection against a backdrop of rough-hewed melodies and backwoods percussion. "Ain't enough prayin' to keep the faithful blessed," Kennard sings on "Ain't Enough," expressing the kind of keen insight that matches John Prine at his prime. "My Third Dream" and "Country Town" are rich, detailed portraits of life in rural areas where things move slowly but emotions may still boil. Ranch Road 12 is classic Texas music, a soundtrack to the Hill Country, and the slow country songs sound like a drive on patchy, paved roads that lead to all sorts of interesting places. - Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer

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