Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Kate Graves

Kate Graves

Kate Graves writes little songs....little songs that are raw. She tries to spread them around like wildflower seeds. She likes wildflowers. If she could be a plant, she would be a thistle branch. She sometimes worries that by saying she would be a thistle branch, she is saying that she symbolically pricks things, but she still picks the thistle branch as her flower totem. She is now wondering why she used the word totem to describe the flower she would be. Kate Graves is neurotic. Shes okay with this term and generally uses it as a term of endearment...or when somebody is really bugging her. Kate Graves just went off on a tangent while writing her bio... Kate Graves writes little songs. Sometimes they are sparse...sometimes filled with lots of little words. Often they are written about things like tasting sweet orange on your lips and wanting to kiss someone, so that they might experience tasting sweet orange on their lips. Kate Graves likes kissing. And singing. And trying to explain to the world that her chihuahua is just scared and not really cold-hearted. Kate Graves hopes that you will forgive her for writing her name six times over in this little bio. She hopes very much so that you will listen to one or all of her songs.

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