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"File under heavenly voices," says Albert Garzon, former producer for Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs. Joanne Juskus is an accomplished pianist, vocalist and songwriter who hails from New York, but who now calls the Washington-Baltimore area home.

Her first release reveals a maturity rare on debut albums these days. Ms. Juskus' voice radiates with the purity of Annie Haslam (Renaissance), the innocence of early Joni Mitchell, the tonalities of Kate Bush and the Celtic nuance of Sandy Denny. Joanne's songs draw on a lifetime of experience: she's paid her dues as a traveling music vagabond, performing street gigs in small towns; always composing, improving and evolving. Now the best of her songs are compiled, perfectly produced and newly released on the Rudderfish Music label. These are haunting songs full of mystery and meaning - songs with brilliant melancholic melodies - songs that demand repeat listens.

A favorite of Internet listeners, Joanne's songs quickly climbed the charts of Her song "Never Be the Same" was a finalist in Women of's "Song of the Year" contest, and her haunting ballad, "Birthday" won the Silver Prize in Adult Contemporary Music in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

Recognized as a rising talent by such notables as Michael Jaworek of the Birchmere, John Simson of RIAA, Damian Einstein of WRNR-FM Annapolis and music critic Geoffrey Himes, Joanne Juskus is a skilled songsmith with a clear unique voice. She's assembled some of the DC area's best musicians and a masterful new producer to present an album of real songs with a real message. Joanne is currently performing locally in the Washington-Baltimore area and preparing for a tour of festivals in 2002. (See Live for performance schedule.) For more information take a look at her Web site at

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