Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Jive Five Minus Three

Jive Five Minus three (tom Grant and Jon Dichtor)

Tom Grant has been charming the masses for the last two decades on the streets of America and Europe since the early 1980's. Informally, people in a majority of the U.S. and in 11 foreign countries have offered coins of appreciation for his music as he honed his skills on tours through the South, the West and in Canada and Europe.

Tom continued to explore his musical tapestries in the 90's in clubs and coffeehouses opening for Mike Cross, Robin and Linda Williams, Roy Bookbinder, and John McCutcheon. Influencing this Virginia native's music is his love for Southern strings and instruments. Having visited many popular venues: The Point (Bryn Mawr), Acoustic Brew House (State College), and the Minstrel Coffee House (Morristown, NJ). Philly's WXPN has interviewed Tom as a solo for his CD, Streams of Consciousness, both on "Kid's Corner" and Gene Shay's Folk Show. The band has also been interview recently on both shows.

Jon Dichtor has excited audiences at the Mann Music Center of the Performing Arts opening for Trout Fishing in America, enthused the listening audience of WXPN's "Kid's Corner", and electrified the crowd at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. He has also performed in an East Coast tour with Theater Caravan, and toured Spain as an accompanying guitarist with a flamenco group. This Philly native picked up the guitar naturally and jokes that given his musical background, it could as easily have been a sousaphone, had one been handy. Back home, he's been busy as creator and producer of the Lower Merion Summer Hummer Concert Series, among other projects, lending to each the energy and talent that his Crazy Zayde CD showcases. A versatile musician and singer / songwriter, Jon's quick fingers and rich voice add extra dimension to the and harmony, rhythm and soul of Jive Five Minus Three (and Two).

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