Picker's Supply Presents 

Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase 
A Monthly Concert Series Featuring Original Acoustic Music 

Friday, April 25, 1997, 8 pm 

This Month's Songwriters ... 

David Bailey

Douglas Ebert

Alisa Fineman

Rich Follett

Steve Hudson

Picker's Supply Concert hall 
902 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA (entrance in alley around back) 
Admission $5.00 

David Bailey and Douglas Ebert have been writing songs together since the summer of 1995, but it wasn't until a life-threatening event this past year that they became focused enough to begin the work of composing more than 40 songs which they now hone and present acoustically under the name not by chance. Bailey brings a poet's passion and nylon-string fingerpicking mastery to the duo, singing lead in a rich, gentle bass; Ebert contributes steel-stringed rock'n' roll stylings and tenor harmonies to a collaborative tandem blending their diverse influences into music which speaks to the mind and is heard in the soul.

Alisa Fineman was raised in Califonia's San Fernando Valley in a family with a rich musical heritage. Her great-grandfather was first trumpet for the New York Philharmonic under Toscanini. Her grandmother, a concert pianist, gave Alisa her first piano lessons. She began guitar lessons when she was eleven, and was writing songs a year later. Some of her early inspirations, both musically and lyrically, include Mary McCaslin, Odetta, Joni Mitchell, Willa Cather and Kate Wolf. Like these artists, Alisa's songs speak of love, a sense of place, and life's difficult choices.

While attending the University of California at Santa Cruz, Alisa worked during the summers as a fire lookout in the Salmon National Forest in the Idaho wilderness. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies and Natural History, she lived in Big Sur managing the Big Creek Reserve. Out of this period of her life, living in almost total seclusion, came the songs on her first self-released recording Cup of Kindness (1988).

The enthusiastic response to that album motivated Alisa to devote herself to writing and performing her songs and hosting a program featuring singer/songwriters on public radio station KAZU in the Monterery area. In 1991 she was The Best of Kerrville New Folk winner for two of her songs, One Lone Bird and I Could Not Ask For More. These songs are included in her 1993 release Better with Time. (The album was reissued on Thunderbird Records in 1995.) As J.T. Mason wrote in La Gazette (Santa Cruz, CA), "the songs are more complex and the material covers a wider range of topics and emotion." Indeed, the innocent beauty found on Alisa's first album has matured and reflects a broader palette of the human condition. "This album" Alisa says,
"focuses on love, doing the brave thing, and taking full measure of one's time on earth."

Since then, Alisa has toured extensively appearing at major folk festivals such as Strawberry, South by Southwest, and the Connecticut Family Folk Festival, as well as returning to Kerrville to share the mainstage with Laurie Lewis and David Wilcox. She was a New Folk winner at the Columbia River Festival and a finalist at the Napa Valley Festival. She has opened for artists such as Tish Hinajosa, John Gorka, Tom Paxton, Greg Brown, and Alex de Grassi including appearances at the Treestar Concert Series in New York and the National Songwriters Academy showcase at the The Troubador in Los Angeles. In 1992 and 1993 she was Artist in Residence at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. In addition to her solo work Alisa is a member of Martin Simpson's highly acclaimed Band of Angels.

Alisa is looking forward to recording her third album sometime in 1996.

Rich Follett, singer, songwriter and recording artist, has entertained audiences in more than 40 of the 50 states and abroad over a period of more than fifteen years. His musical adventures have taken him from folk festivals and venues to concert and stage appearances and his songs have been recorded by numerous folk and popular artists. He has released five contemporary folk recordings of original music on the independent Unicorn Records label: Heart of Glass (1984), Modern Day Minstrel (1987), Shenandoah Christmas (1989) and Simple Sonqs (1992) are all well known to new folk audiences. A Place in the Circle, the fifth Unicorn release (and the first on CD format), became available nationwide earlier this year.

Early years were spent on Long Island, New York, where Mr. Follett attended a public school with a thriving music and arts curriculum and later received a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Hofstra University. A three year engagement with the Busch Entertainment Corporation in Williamsburg upon his graduation firmly established him as a resident of Virginia, where, excluding a three year experimental colonization of Nashville, he has lived happily ever since.

He writes and performs from a cozy mountaintop cottage in scenic Shenandoah County.

Mr. Follett's talents have been featured regularly at Washington's Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Maryland Renaissance Festival and folk festivals and venues from Kerrville, Texas to Tidewater, Virginia and on both coasts. A personal favorite engagement was a three year run as featured artist at the Alaska State Fair Mr. Follett is very pleased to be returning to the Alaska State Fair once again later this year.

In addition to performances for folk audiences, Richard Follett is well known to theatre goers around the Eastern Seaboard: theatrical and musical pursuits occupy fairly equal space in his creative portfolio. Special interests include writing and performing children's music, gardening and the practice of therapeutic massage. When not performing, he has an ongoing practice as an A.B.M.P. certified massage therapist.

Steve Hudson is carving himself into the funnybones of America as a blackbelt musician who has achieved a high degree of comic consciousness: he demonstrates just how dangerous a guitar and piano can be in the right hands.

Formerly based in Los Angeles, Steve headlines popular West Coast and national comedy venues, hundreds of College concerts, and has been a regular guest on, as well as guest-hosted San Diego's only live morning television talk show, "Sun-Up San Diego" (KFMB-TV[NBC]), but his deft ability to mix comedy and music has made him a smash opener for Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, as well as comics Louis Anderson, Yakov Smirnoff, Harry Anderson, and Rodney Dangerfield. In addition, Steve remains a popular feature and M.C. at corporate shows for TWA, Continental Airlines, USAir, to name a few, and has Emceed awards programs and benefit concerts.

Steve Hudson brings to the stage his genuine enthusiasm, smart & original comedy, and a serious musical ability that gives his performances an amazing 3-dimensionality. Prior to being an admitted comedian, Steve was a much-requested studio & stage musician, versed in a variety of musical genre: Classics to Jazz, Rock to Rag, Wagon Train to Soul Train. He's played pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, Ouija boards, dollar bills, whatever.... His broad versatility, clear sense of instrument voicing, and the rhythms of ensemble performance, allow him to play with a fullness uncommon to acoustic solo acts.

As music--writer and producer, he has been involved in recording projects as varied as scoring & narrating a collection of Children's stories by author, Celeste White, to his own highly regarded, comedic music album, Pick of the Litter, and his ability is as natural and as beautifully timed as his comedy.

Steve is now bringing his cerebral juggling act to the East coast from his native Washington, DC. And he hasn't traveled all this way with his eyes closed either. Steve Hudson sticks his hands into the cracks of life, pulls out the funny stuff, and creates a very digable art.

What's up next -- 

Friday, May 30, 8 p.m.- Lisa Taylor, David Alberding, Randy Barrett, Matt Holsen 

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