Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Tom Grant

You are energized because Tom Grant's enthusiasm is infectious. You are entertained because he's a showman, not just a singer/songwriter. You are touched because he lays his soul open, and it's real, honest, authentic. You are amazed because he's a musical chameleon, playing more styles than you can count.

Born in rural Virginia, he was raised in an atmosphere of parlor music, thinking everyone sang the day through, always surrounded with music. Mom played piano and sang, Dad sang, brothers and sisters played various instruments. Most nights, you'd find all of them gathered around the piano singing old favorites from the 1800's all the way to the present hits.

This set the stage for Tom to teach himself guitar, and an adventurous spirit whispered that he should take it on the road. Practicality said finish college first. So he packed up and left after school to wander the world as a street musician, playing in 36 states and 11 European countries. While abroad, he toured Italy with a backup band, and played various festivals in Europe, most notably the Nyon Folk Festival in Switzerland alongside Joan Baez, John Sebastian, and John Mayall.

Love brought him back home, he married and began writing new songs and polishing the ones he penned on the road, performing them at venues throughout North Carolina and Virginia, sharing stages with John McCutcheon, Mike Cross, and John Cephas & Phil Wiggins. A move to Philadelphia brought him to a larger market and studio opportunities. A new CD entitled Streams of Consciousness and growing number of fans promises he'll be more and more in demand. He's opened for Trout Fishing in America, Simple Gifts, Robin & Linda Williams, Roy Bookbinder, and Vance Gilbert more recently. He currently plays solo and with a trio called the Jive Five Minus Two, and they have a band release entitled Dem Bones. They are currently planning a second release.

Tom Grant plays and has written songs in various styles of music including Swing - Blues, Southern String Band, Old Time, Contemporary Songwriter, Reggae, and Calypso.

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