Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Fred Gillen

Fred Gillen Jr. writes simple, poetic, evocative songs and sings each one as if it is the last song he will ever sing. Though the subject matter of the songs is emotionally intense, Gillen's music conveys an overwhelming sense of hope, elation, and honesty. The lyrics range in subject from the human condition to social commentary, to love and heartbreak, to mortality, God and Satan. Gillen's sense of ease and humor on stage creates the feeling of intimacy with his audiences, and his energy, soul, and spontaneity keep them riveted. Gillen connects with the audience, reaches into their hearts, and takes them on a provocative, emotional journey.

After a four year stint as bassist with the regionally acclaimed band Rain Deputies, Gillen embarked on his career as a solo singer/ songwriter, forming his label Dys Records and releasing his first full- length CD "Intentions As Big As The Sky" in 1997. He has since concentrated on releasing a new CD every eighteen months, including 1998's "Tales Of The Misplaced," 2000's "Nervous Laughter," and 2001's "Grace," and touring extensively. Selling over a thousand CD's at shows and on the Internet, Gillen has developed a loyal following in the Northeast. In 2002 he toured in Europe for the first time and in 2003 plans on touring nationally and in Ireland, while seeking a manager and U.S. booking agent.

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