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Arriving in October of 2000, Paul Curreri quickly became a focal member of Charlottesville, Virginia's bustling acoustic music scene (voted "Best Local Solo Musician 2001" Cville Weekly). Curreri's poetic, country blues-catalyzed works, guitar prowess, and inspired performances soon began to catch the attention of a wider circle. Touring engagements followed w/ the likes of Hot Tuna, Spider John Koerner, David Amram, Corey Harris, Chris Smither, Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka, John Herald, Geoff Muldaur, and virtuoso guitarist and songwriter Kelly Joe Phelps.

In 2003, Mr. Phelps produced and played on Curreri’s acclaimed sophomore effort, Songs for Devon Sproule. Said Vintage Guitar: “Really one of the very finest records I’ve heard in awhile. And, I don’t mean just in this genre. I mean, any genre.” Said Albany Times-Union: “Songs is marvelous – full of nimble guitar picking and compositions of uncommon grace… Timeless.” Said Mr. Phelps: “He’s my favorite living musician.  If I weren't me, I'd want to be him.”

Paul Curreri was raised primarily in Richmond, VA. In 1994, he entered Rhode Island School of Design to pursue painting, but quickly realized he’d made a wrong turn. Four years and more than 200 songs later, however, he graduated. He is currently working on his 3 rd album in Greenwood, VA, due in early fall. This summer, 2004, he is touring the UK.

"Paul Curreri gives what few other songwriters can," writes The New Yorker. "It hits you soon and hard that you're hearing something exquisite.”

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