Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Alex Culbreth

Alex Culbreth

Alex Culbreth has released nine albums and played in several bands in the last seven years. His music has been compared to The Drive-By Truckers and The Civil Wars. He has shared the stage with well-known country and folk acts such as Chris Knight, Spirit Family Reunion, Megan Jean and the KFB, il  yAIMY, and Jeffrey Lewis. He has been featured on No Depression, Taproots Radio, Ninebullets Radio, and many notable americana music blogs and radio stations in America and Europe.

What reviewers are saying:

  "Listening to Culbreth perform live is eerily familiar to what Bob
  Dylan or Nebraska-era Springsteen may have sounded like long ago. Culbreth is not an imitator; it’s not his liability that he sounds
  comparable.  His vocal timber is far reaching and (his) deep sounding
  voice only adds to his vocal strength.  On stage the singer is
  completely at ease, nearly unaware there are people sitting out in the
  dark listening…Culbreth seems to breathe invisible fire as he belts
  out the song, with subtle nasal twang and a gravel-voiced guttural
  purging of emotion…What resonates is the wretched beauty in his voice,
  something that is hard to pin down, hard to quantify.  He, like many
  new artists, is an arbiter of music’s bridge to tomorrow." -- Brian
  Tucker, "Bootleg Magazine"

  "This guy plays guitar and writes songs like no other.  He isn’t
  afraid to state his opinion on sensitive topics and to really provoke
  some thought.  He plays guitar beautifully in incredible tunings and
  his lyrics are full of intelligence, historical references, and
  beautiful poetry." -- Joe Isaacs, "Music Matters"

  "Alex is a fantastic singer/songwriter in the mold of Woody Guthrie
  and Bob Dylan.  He’s young, but has an unbelievable grasp on language
  and wordplay.  I have always admired the way he stands by his
  convictions.  His songwriting is a testament to his social awareness
  in a time of apathy. He is certainly one of the finest composers I
  have come across in all of my travels." -- Brad Heller of The Fustics
  from Wilmington, NC

  "Alex has become a vivid presence on the local music scene.  His deep,
  melodic voice and relaxed stage manner – plus an impressive body of
  original and well-crafted songs - gain him new fans all the time." --
  Rob Huffman, "Virginia Neighbors Magazine"

Alex Culbreth appeared in the February 2010 and the January 2013 Songwriters Showcase.

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