Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Shane Cooley

At 18, Shane Cooley has a passion for writing, singing and performing his own songs.

Shane has performed up and down the East Coast at many popular venues and is in the process of establishing a name for himself with both booking agents and music lovers. Shane has recorded 5 self-made CDs and 3 professional studio CDs, all containing only songs that he has written.

Shane was born in Lancaster County Virginia and lives with his parents on a beautiful estate on the Rappahannock River. The farm-like property stretches along the river with gorgeous views that provide alot of inspiration for songwriting, the waterfront gazebo being a favorite place of Shane's. His father, Jack, has always had a love of music and provided a musical influence through the years. In fact, Jack was the drummer in the former Shane Cooley Band from 2003-early 2005. Shane's mom, Pat, is his business assistant and photographer.

At age 13, Shane began to sing and write songs and at 14, he got interested in playing the guitar, learning basic chords from his dad, Jack. It didn't take him long to start teaching himself new chords and to develop his own style. Writing songs took on a new enthusiasm and Shane now has a profile of over 150 songs. His lyrics reflect many of the things he values; relationships, his country and the days of summer. Shane writes about his experiences with his peers and family, his lyrics convey many of his emotions. His songs truly have lyrics you'll WANT to listen to.

Acoustic Rock or Contemporary Rock best describes Shane's style of music. Shane performs alone using his acoustic guitar and harmonica to bring his heartfelt lyrics to life. "I like to bill these performances as Up Close and Personal because you will get to know a little something about me during the 2 - 4 hour concerts." Shane has enough self-written material to perform all original songs during these shows. At most shows, you can observe many of those new to Shane's music, turning their attention to his act and staying throughout the evening. Not only do Shane's lyrics reveal many of his emotions but his sense of humor comes across between songs. His easy going, down to earth personality promotes a good interaction with his audience and he has built up a loyal fan following.

Shane has been successful in getting his songs on the radio. A local interest developed in Kilmarnock, Tappahannock, Fredericksburg and Richmond radio stations that promote local artists. Shane has done live interviews with many DJ personalities and he handles himself well and promotes his music like a pro. Live On U.S.A, Day-Lily, Affection, Climb and Me, Myself and You have all received radio play as well as press. Shane has been interviewed by newspaper and magazine reporters for such publications as The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, the Rappahannock Record and Nine-Volt Magazine, which is dedicated to Virginia's music scene. Rob Hedelt has written a series of articles for The Free Lance-Star on Shane's achievements. He mentioned Shane's "depth of expression", "a desire to put what he's thinking into music he can't wait to share" and "wisdom beyond his years". Bill Bass wrote in Ninevolt Magazine "Here's a guy to watch for in the future".

Shane Cooley, singer, songwriter. Since the age of 14, Shane has been accomplished enough in his music abilities to receive awards. In 2001, just days after September 11th, Shane wrote "Live On U.S.A", a tribute to the 911 disasters. It's lyrics are heartfelt but it is not a song of sadness rather it reflects a "we're not gonna take it/go get 'em" attitude. Shane was awarded as the VFW State Volunteer of the Year in regards to his work with The American Red Cross. Live On U.S.A." was produced by his elementary music teacher, William Washington and the CD was sold to raise money through the Rappahannock Beta Club. All the money was donated to the American Red Cross to be used for the families of the 911 disaster victims. This experienced fueled Shane's interest and a music career began.

In 2004, Shane was honored by being nominated for the Ninevolt Virginia Music Awards in the Folk/Acoustic Artist of the Year category, a nomination rarely awarded to a newcomer.

Shane is consistently improving his skills with a love for music that only deepens daily. He is ready for the music world. Doors are opening and Shane Cooley is walking through them - guitar in hand.

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