Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Frank Coleman

Frank Coleman has been writing and performing acoustically based music in and around Richmond, Virginia for over fifteen years. Much of the time he has partnered with Chris Fuller, one of Virginia's hottest mandolin and guitar pickers. Originally billed as "Mama's Boys" and more recently simply going by "Coleman and Fuller", they have performed at many venues and recorded the CD Party at Mama's. Frank has also recently formed a folk duo with Libby Dunton - a formidable talent with a stunning voice. Along with Chris and Libby, Frank is a member of Richmond's critically acclaimed ensemble "Among Friends". The brainchild of folk great George Turman, Among Friends has been performing annual spring folk concerts to sold-out audiences since 1998. Thankfully, these concerts have been professionally recorded and are available as double CDs. Despite his wealth of musical friends and collaborators, Frank has recently decided to also establish himself as a solo artist. He has written many fine songs that are communicated quite favorably with the intimate combination: one voice and one guitar (and the occasional harmonica break). During his performances, expect a mixture of original material (mostly "story songs"), contemporary folk covers (artists such as Bob Franke, Nanci Griffith, Bill Morrissey, etc.), and old favorites you can sing along to. Current projects for Frank include a solo CD (in the works) and continued rehearsals and performances with Chris, Libby, and the rest of Among Friends.

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