Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Stephen Christoff

Stephen Christoff brings to his music a gifted and alluring touch in both lyric and song. His compositions are a vast collection of characters and experiences that have forged a sound that is all his own. His recording "One Ring Circus" is a striking outing into everything that he is and experiences. His stylings reach into depths of vast color as you encounter Gypsy, Grass-Roots Blues, Creole and Swing from song to song. His constant touring of Europe and the U.S. surely has influenced this intriguing collage.

In September, 2001 Stephen guest performed at the world famous Epcot center in Walt Disney World with American music pioneer Dean Shostak. Dean Shostak's recording, Colonial Fair was awarded The American Library Association's "Most notable childrens recording in the year 2000" which Stephen was featured on several selections. As a solo artist Stephen has performed in such diverse venues as The Library of Congress, The Black Swamp Arts Festival, Colonial Williamsburg, The College of William and Mary. He has opened for folk legends Vance Gilbert & John McCutcheon and Czech bluegrass phenomenon Druha Trava.

Accompanying his voice is his Octave Mandolin which he is constantly honing the blues slide technique. He always dazzles crowds with his multi-octave vocalizations, which include yodeling and scat singing with lyrics that tell a story about experiences and dreams alike. He captivates the audience with instruments and sounds that they have never heard or seen before such as his handflute and the bowed musical saw. Some say the handflute sounds amazingly like an ocarina or recorder (he makes articulate sounds by putting his hands together a certain way and blows air through them). Stephen performs his bowed musical saw on a regular basis doing studio work in genres from 18th century music to college indie rock.

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