Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Marc Carraway

Marc Carraway brings together elements from acoustic music's many styles - ballads, blues, contemporary folk, bluegrass, even jazz - to create pictures and stories of both places and people.

Bluegrass Unlimited , in reviewing Carraway's first album, Slow Down The River, said that Carraway proved to have "A rich, powerful voice ...(and) a knack for writing." Of his most recent album, Time Over Distance, they wrote, "Carraway displays an...engaging voice, solidly supportive guitar work, and songs that suggest considerable work, skill, and variety."

He performs a variety of guitar styles as well as harmonica, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle. His shows are easy-going and intimate as a result of his open and relaxed stage presence. His repertoire consists of contemporary and traditional acoustic songs centered around his own acclaimed songwriting.

Carraway has shared billings with acoustic performers such as The Kingston Trio, Christine Lavin, Tony Rice, David Mallett, Schooner Fare, Tom Paxton and many others. His albums have received airplay on both local and national folk shows. Mike Flynn, host of the nationally-syndicated Folk Sampler, wrote that Carraway's music was "particularly nice..." , and the Mary Washington Bullet described his performance as "stellar." Carraway's second album (and first CD), Time Over Distance, is now being played on acoustic radio shows across the country. Most recently, his song Shenandoah Suite has been included on the WMRA-sponsored album In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge, which includes such noted performers as John McCutcheon and Robin and Linda Williams.

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