Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Eliot Bronson

Baltimore singer/songwriter Eliot Bronson's debut CD is played on more than 25 radio stations. His second CD, produced by Chris Rosser, is scheduled for release in 2001.

His songs have been honored by the Austin Songwriters Contest, Unisong International, the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition and the Founders Title Company Folk & Bluegrass Festival.

Eliot's musical influences include David Wilcox, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin and lots of indie punk bands.

"The songs don't always leave a solid trail. I know that they are all basically lyrical clip art from my memories, childhood, and obsession with the world's religions."

"I think a lot of writers, both old and young, haven't fully realized that the trick is not to come right out and tell the listener exactly how you feel. Rather, the true power is in describing setting, character and plot in very distinct and descriptive details. As a writer, it's important to remember that your point of view, your feelings and opinions are contained in which details you chose. . . . The best way, in my opinion, to keep your songs interesting and multidimensional is to never be afraid to tell the truth."

Eliot Bronson learned guitar on a Fender electric at 15 and began singing at open mics as a high school senior. He's a Vegan (strict vegetarian) who practices Buddhist meditation. He used to think he'd be a professional skateboarder.

Non-musical jobs: "When I was 12 and lived in south Baltimore, I'd push a lawn mower around the community and cut people's grass for 10 dollars. I was a paper boy for while. I've sold everything from ice cream to eyeglasses, to coffee and cameras."

"He's really going somewhere, if he's not there already." --Vance Gilbert "If he were, say, 35, he'd be incredible . . . but to hear the strength and intricacy of his guitar playing, combined with truly thought-provoking lyrics delivered by a Jackson Browne-like voice, makes ne have to look twice to see that this is really coming from a 22-year-old." --John Dillon, presenter, performer and luthier

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