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When Bob Sima opens his mouth to sing what comes out is far beyond the human sounds of a warm and soulful voice, yep, there’s more. A story, a nudge, a reminder, an angle on something very familiar you probably have never considered the way he presents it. What draws you in is his warm yet powerful voice, but once inside, you are often transformed. He is a poet, observer, scribe, sometimes reluctant healer all bundled up into one singing songwriting bundle of energy so tapped in…he kinda needs a glass. His right hand slaps the guitar in a seemingly casual fashion, usually in rhythm with all of the toes in the room. Bob is a different kind of singer-songwriter, there is more than the songs, there is more than the voice, there is more than the stories, yes there is more. Bob truly moves his audiences. He moves their hearts and minds and his concerts are known for evoking full range of emotion. Bob is probably more influenced by the likes of Rumi and Gandhi as he is by Dylan or Guthrie. He has been asked to perform at events where his music was the theme, including the “Be The Change National Conference” where he shared the stage with NY Times best selling author, speaker and peace activist; Marianne Williamson. He has also shared the stage with British Author Peter Russell and several other luminaries.


“The two songs you sang on Sunday transfixed the crowd and me.  What that means to me is that you have the talent to take people into the Present.  When a crowd is transfixed they are not in past/future thoughts.  You are living/performing what our group is desiring for -more "Present" in their lives.  You are a Present teacher - You heal with music.” R- Dignan (Corporate Retreat Leader, Westminster, MD)


Bob is a touring singer-songwriter from Annapolis, Maryland. He burst onto the singer-songwriter scene after taking hiatus from his Folk-Pop trio Stereopool, and hopping onto the coffee house, festival circuit engaging audiences and quickly gaining a fan-base. Starting as an opener for acts such as Ellis Paul, David Wilcox, Vance Gilbert and Jesse Harris, Bob quickly built his headlining capability with his regional fan base. From a series of high profile song contest successes (Wildflower Grand Prize Winner, 2009, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 2008, Kerrville Finalist 2008 & 2009, NewSong Finalist 2009), Bob quickly gained recognition as a newcomer worth watching.  There is no way to encapsulate his 2 studio records “Pour It On” and “Periphery” other than his tagline “Good Music for Good People”. There is truly magic in these records. Produced in Bloomington Indiana at Airtime Studios with owner/producer David Weber (Carrie Newcomer, Krista Detor, Atlantic Records: Straight No Chaser) with some well known session players including Jason Wilbur (John Prine, Iris Dement). The records are very organic, rich studio versions of his songs, full of life, depth and feel. The records are full of percussive acoustic guitar, rich piano, organs, dobro and highly impressive backing vocals by his musical friend Krista Detor.

The records cover the gamut from neo-folk, gospel, country, blues with the voice of Bob out front painting with a familiar brush. Bob is not a topical or thematic songwriter, and has a knack for attracting fans from all ages and all walks of life, because of the deep connection to the human being through the songs. Bob is as comfortable with a raucous storytelling rambler as he is with a soft mellow ballad and will throw in some alt country now and then. All mind you without pretense or shoegazing. Real stuff, meaty and worth repeating…

AWARDS The releases garnered immediate attention of folk/acoustic music community. Recent awards include: 2009 Finalist Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk 2008 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist 2008 Finalist Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk 2008 Winner Wildflower Songwriter 2008 Finalist Solarfest Songwriting Contest 2007 Winner Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 2007 Emerging Artist Showcase Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2007 Finalist Mountain Stage NewSong Live Round 2007 Honorable Mention Billboard Song Contest 2007 Finalist Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival Songwriting Contest 2007 Finalist Avalon Music and Arts Festival Rising Star Contest

Bob has played many of the top acoustic music venues in the US including Rams Head OnStage, RamsHead LIVE!, World Cafe Live, Kennedy Center, MUSIKFEST, Godfrey Daniels, Cellar Stage, Focus Music Concerts, Columbia Lakefront Concert Series, NightCat, Coffee East, Purple Fiddle, Columbia Festival of the Arts, Kerrville Folk Festival, Wildflower Festival, Dewey Beach Americana Festival, Unity Music Festival, Avalon Music Festival, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, National Folk Alliance Festival and Conference, and the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival. Bob is a highly sought after house concert player and has played house concerts across the United States and Canada.

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Bob Sima
appeared in the October 2012 Showcase.

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