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Helena Arlock

Helena Arlock and Carl-Johan Elger used to meet up on lonely Saturday nights, composing music togehter. Carl-Johan brought his interest in techno music to the project, as Helena gave it a touch of jazz. However, now when arlock vs elger comes to the US, Carl-Johan stays home and Helena performs electronic lounge-pop on a cello and a laptop together with Gustav Haggren on guitar.

The song ”You Could Much Rather Push Than Pull” was chosen top 5 of the week at ‘Lokas Bubblare’ by the electronica-artist Andreas Tilliander and the journalist Elin Unnes. They said:

“Ooooooh, uppdated r’n’b. Songs that are using several angles at the same time are great. It feels both old and new, soft and hipshaking, happy and sad. Very nice!”

Helena is also touring with the Canadian artist Rachelle van Zanten and the Swedish band Shooting John as a cello-player and vocalist.

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