Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase David A. Alberding

Maryland has many wonderful things to its credit - the blue crab, skipjacks, beautiful seashores, and now David A. Alberding. With over 20 years of experience entertaining audiences, David has honed his craft performing at festivals and venues up and down the Eastern and Southern coasts. He delivers his award winning songs with an awesome, compelling baritone and a contemporary folk guitar style that extends from intricate finger styled blues ballads to rocking rhythm-filled acoustic fury. David’s incredible vocal range, his mastery of the acoustic guitar, and control of the pen, have yielded an artist who wins over the ears and hearts of his audience with every note, chord, and story.


David’s influences are as varied and eclectic as the landscape of contemporary folk itself. His strong deep voice and formidable guitar skills reflect years of study blended with the influences of masters such as BB King, James Taylor, and Joe Cocker, resulting in a range that combines nimble precision with unbridled power. David’s songwriting, though unique to itself, gives a nod to the storytelling abilities and poetic imagery of such artists as Harry Chapin and Van Morrison. David writes songs that run the gamut of human emotion: from the sweet taste of newfound love to the mild bitterness of lost-love-lamented, from all-too-familiar stories of family weekend adventures to the sad struggle of a family coping with loss; all delivered with a promise to entertain and inspire.


It is in his performance where he shines the brightest. His songs are more than a mere retelling of a story: they are a journey that this native Marylander invites us to accompany him on. His rollicking blues tunes, mellow ballads and sorrowful soul searching take us from the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge to the depths of the Chesapeake and everywhere in between. By accepting his offer to travel along we discover things about ourselves, and with this big-hearted singer songwriter as a guide, we really enjoy the trip. He has performed his music in concert halls, theaters, at festivals, summer camps, senior centers, backyards, on bales of hay, skip jacks, the radio, local cable shows, national television, in bars and restaurants, hospitals, busses, conference halls, public parks, national memorials, the bathtub, Church basements, Nudist colonies, at weddings, funerals, church services and anywhere else he’s been invited. David A. Alberding is a singer-songwriter of not only Maryland but of the world in all of its wonder.

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