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Jon Bachman

Jon Bachman

Jon Bachmanís musical style is the product of over forty-five years.  For the last ten years, Jon has collaborated with his wife Dianneís poetry, to craft songs that span topics as varied as Ashland used tire shops, New Mexico bus stations, Alaskan fishing villages, mirror reflection, and lessons learned from a man who would sing to the Rappahannock River.  These are not just tunes, but stories that link audiences with inspired poetry coupled with thoughtful melodies.

Looking back, Jon became a regular in numerous music venues, concerts and clubs.  However, over the last 20 odd years, day jobs and life responsibilities found his musical outlets mostly expressed in a wide variety of rooms in the Fredericksburg area. 

Hosts of singers and songwriters have inspired and influenced Jonís unique guitar style: Cat Stevens, Richie Havens, Brook Benton, Joni Mitchell, Hoyt Axton, Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Ed Wheeler, John Gorka, and Jimmy Buffett to mention only a few. Raw and rhythmic at times, Jon can easily turn to the quiet and gentle. 

Jon and Dianneís songs and stories cannot be classified into any one particular style, or genre, and range from pure sparse folk to country to intricate, syncopated blues and Jazz melodies and arrangements.  With an easygoing nature, enthusiasm, and humor, Jonís audiences will be treated to a wonderful collection of their songsÖso come to listen and come to remember.

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