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Over the years, pianist, guitarist and vocalist and songwriter Jesse Palidofsky has shared his music at the National Theatre, on the Hudson River sloop Clearwater with Pete Seeger, at festivals like Common Ground on the Hill and the Washington Folk Festival, and at the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian National Folklife Festival with the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation.

He has sung one-on-one with hundreds of terminally ill patients in hospices and hospitals, and also led singing for groups of a thousand people or more, performed for conferences of clinical psychologists, as well as for inmates at the Detroit House of Correction and at the maximum security prison in Salem, Oregon. Jesse has received numerous Visiting Artists and Scholars Grants from the Arts and Humanities Council in Montgomery County, and has offered some 700 multi-cultural musical performances for highly diverse audiences in the DC area in his work with Arts For The Aging.

Jesse's CD of original compositions Food For the Long Haul reflects the rich diversity of his Detroit musical heritage, moving seamlessly from the harmonica-driven "Crossing the Poison River," to the Appalachian-style political broadside, "Ballad of Sammie Abbott," to the jazzy sax and hilarious verbal juxtapositions of "I Need Mercy (A Million Times a Day)," to the sublime, Sweet Honey in the Rock-style spiritual, "Send Down Your Healing Water." This is mature, inspired music, lyrically and harmonically.  Jesse Palidofsky's music on

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