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Bill and Bonnie Wisnowski are Dovetail, a father-daughter duo from the Northeast with powerful vocals and soul-searching original songs.

Born into a musical family in the Boston area, Bill first learned the violin before turning to the guitar in high school and later joining country and folk bands. Bonnie was 7 when they first performed together in a summer concert series in Worcester, Mass. Relocating to Danbury, Conn., she was 16 when they formed an alternative band, Walking the Dragon, that highlighted Bonnie’s classically trained voice and Bill’s introspective songs. Besides sneaking her in the back door of local bars where they played, they often drove into New York City to perform at Nightingale’s or CBGB’s Record Cantina.

Fleeing the nest after high school, Bonnie used her voice as a tonal instrument on a CD called “Olive Grain” and eventually moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., and Bill remained in Danbury and became a member of a popular free-range acoustic trio, My Dad’s Truck. During this time, they seldom sang together except at family gatherings and their annual Children of Christmas sing-along at a local coffeehouse.

A couple of years ago, Bonnie and Bill were asked to perform at an outdoor benefit, so they rearranged Walking the Dragon songs and called themselves Dovetail. A woodworking term also defined as “to fit together closely or logically,” it’s an appropriate name for the cabinetmaker father and visual-designer daughter.

Between Bonnie’s voice and Bill’s songs, many of which were written to showcase her vocal range, Dovetail was so well-received that they decided to perform as a duo again. Besides playing shows in the New York tri-state area, they performed in guerilla showcases at the 2012 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) conference and got noticed, especially by Bob and Lou Gramann of the Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase.

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