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Chris Andeson 02 2014

Chris Anderson's songs are refreshingly quirky - fierce guitar leads and complex harmonica riffs combined with lyrics that are wide-eyed yet wise. Her thoughts about friendship, illness, love or the human condition are honest and hopeful. While her thematic ideas may emerge from her life or the evening news, she articulates what many are thinking, aiming for poignancy rather than poison. With a voice that has been compared to Mary Chapin Carpenter, her performances are surprising, complex and fun.

Chris does play nicely with others. She is currently a member of the all-f emale trio, Ladies Done Waiting, whose repertoire includes traditional Americana and post-war era songs, and Harried Americans, where she and singer/songwriter/storyteller Jeff Smith perform originals, blues, oldies, and Americana. She sits in with other musicians, and likes to hang out at the Barbershop (a.k.a. Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation) and folk clubs in the area.

Chris' music can be heard in the background of various cable TV productions, including shows for the Travel Channel and The Women’s Entertainment Network (WeTV.)

Chris is based in Northern Virginia, in the DC metro area, (Mid-Atlantic region.)

She began playing guitar in Northern Virginia clubs in the early 1980's. She then spent over a decade playing electric guitar and mandola in Northern Virgiwaitnia church bands. Chris wrote and recorded a Christian Christmas pop project, Wait - it's a musical!, resulting in:

   " amazing musician/songwriter and performer... she is sure to  knock your socks off! " - Jean Bayou, Past President, Songwriters' Association of Washington.

Ladies Done Waiting-Extended Play

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