The Essential Web A presentation at Computers in Libraries 2000, March 2000
Karen Hartman Ernest Ackermann  


Search Engine Basics

Search Engine Similarities

Common Search Features of Search Tools

Tip: Read the Help or Tips section to learn the options, features, and idiosyncrasies of the search tool you're using.

Boolean Operators

Implied Boolean Operators Phrase Searching


Field Searching

Case Sensitivity

Limiting by Date

Search Tips

After determining whether your search has yielded too few Web pages (low recall), there are several things to consider:

If your search has given you too many results with many not on the point of your topic (high recall, low precision), consider the following:

For more details take a look at the Web pages

Search Strategies for Search Engines
Using Search Engines

Karen Hartman
Ernest Ackermann
Presented at Computers in Libraries 2000 March 2000