The Essential Web A presentation at Computers in Libraries 2000, March 2000
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Citing Information

There isn't any uniform agreement on all of the details of a citation for information found on the Web or the Internet.
Most suggestions for the form of a citation include the name of the author, the title of the work, the date the information was last revised, the date the information was accessed, and the URL. The date the information was accessed is included because it’s relatively easy to modify information on the Web, and the information available through a URL sometime in the future may not be the same as when it was accessed for the research.
MLA and APA Style Guidelines
 "MLA Style."  The only guidelines on MLA documentation Style authorized by the MLA.
"Electronic Reference Formats Recommended by the American Psychological Association." Published by APA.

Here is an example of a citation style:

Web page
  • name of author(s) -if known
  • title of the work - in quotes, if known
  • title of the Web page - in italics, if applicable
  • date of last revision
  • URL
  • Date accessed
Ackermann, Ernest. "Writing Your Own Web Pages." Creating Web Pages.  23 Oct. 1996. 
10 Feb. 1997. 

For more information and guidance on citation styles take a look at

Karen Hartman
Ernest Ackermann
Presented at Computers in Libraries 2000 March 2000